Asa Company emerged in 2008 with the aim of offering different products in door, window and curtain wall systems. This company has updated its production line in 2014 by using its creative and capable human resources and by acquiring the most modern fully automatic machines in the world from the German company Elumatec and by using specialized software.

The interaction and cooperation of Asa's engineering unit with well-known European companies such as Savio and Giesse in Italy has brought products equal to the top products in the world.

These continuous efforts led to the introduction of Asa Company as the top producer in the country by the Iranian Aluminum Industries Syndicate from 1396 to 1399 and receiving the golden statue of consumer rights from the Ministry of Silence from 1397 until now, as well as the export and implementation of major projects internationally. In Iraq and Afghanistan and cooperation with the country's largest contractors.

Asa Company, a manufacturer of door, window and facade systems, is ready to grant a sales representative and install its systems.

In this system, representation is granted without the need for capital. In a simple technical and sales training of double-walled systems, you can get a sales representative.

In the following, the terms of cooperation and its benefits are described.

If you have offices for the sale of other building materials, you can be the sales representative of "Asa" products in your city or province without the need for initial capital.

In this way, in order to increase your income along with selling other construction products, you can sell products without the need for an initial capital.

There are a number of special conditions for granting representation of Asa products, which are registered in a written contract between the parties after passing short technical training courses and sales.

For more information, you can call 03155033 extension 1011 or mobile number 09120765893.

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Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
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