Established in 1426 AH, ASA windows company is the manufacturer of unique, quality aluminum windows, doors and curtain walls. The company's effort is to produce quality products to meet the customer satisfaction, and in this regard, the fully automatic production line is equipped with German superior technology.

The use of high-quality raw materials and benefit from skilled labor is also a step in this direction. The profiles used in ASA systems enjoy specific sections that are designed based on Iran's technical knowledge and with the participation of Italian experts. Specific sections and the use of quality rubber and insulation specify ASA products. To provide better products and service in Iran, the complex owns 12 agencies, and is seeking to launch sales agency in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkmenistan.

Service is surly an inevitable part of the production and ensures the delivery and durability of product so that no technical system can maintain their original quality without having the desired service.

Therefore, service falls within the main tasks of the organization, and it is strongly believed that sales and production would not be desirable without continuous service. This complex, establishing a separate company called ASAYESH SAZAN ATIEH (future welfare provider) to carry out installation and after-sales service to customers, tends to provide the best services ever. Without accurate installation and guaranteed appropriate service, the final product will not be efficient.

Taking advantage of skilled and active workers, the complex is considered as the exclusive executor of projects under contract and training technical personnel.

Sale is not the end, but the beginning of providing service and quality products, thus, all the projects installed by the Executive Branch are covered by guarantee service.

To ensure the quality of products and enjoy essential standards, ASA guarantees its products for a five-year golden period and a fifteen-year silver period.