The executive unit of Panjereh Asa company has passed various training courses for installing doors and windows, and because of that, they have enough experience in this field, but in general, installing products does not require much time and does not cause inconvenience to customers, and the only important issue is It is installation time that should be done in the joinery stage. One of the most common mistakes is to use doors and windows to protect against the initial painting or plastering, which causes the product to be installed early and out of warranty.

It is possible to replace old doors and windows and install new shutters easily, but it is better to consult with the company's technical experts before doing anything about this. For ease in renovating old windows with double-glazed aluminum windows, you can Take action in the consulting section of the site.

Production in Panjereh Asa company is planned and is done using automatic machines, and according to the amount of order at the time of the contract, the delivery date is specified and announced to the customer. Due to the importance of discussing the health of structures related to the Ministry of Health, the construction of the company's production line is a priority, and the rest of the projects will be delivered in an average of 40 working days.

Among the features that distinguish window products are the use of specialized machines and the fully automatic production line of Alomatek Germany, which has a high production capacity and also a very high production accuracy. Also, special attention to customer requests and customization. Manufacturing, variety of products and the possibility of manufacturing in different dimensions and shapes, benefiting from a specialized installation team, using the planning system and implementing standardizations of the comprehensive quality management system, training of sales units and services throughout the country can be other Features a set of windows. For more information, you can refer to the Asa section.

This question is often asked among customers, the main reason for this question can be seen in two parts, one is that aluminum sliding systems are compared with similar UPVC systems and the other is the reason for comparing this product with older models. What is clear is that insulation of sliding systems is much more difficult for the manufacturer than hinged systems, but sliding systems using sealing rubber, hair bands, insulating fluff, plastic parts, special cross-section and suitable fittings have been able to system Provide a lot of insulation and reassure the consumer that sliding systems are the number one insulation.

Thermal profiles or thermal break profiles are profiles that use non-conductive blades made of polyamide between the inner and outer borders. These blades provide better insulation and no direct temperature exchange. An important point that is usually found in Product introduction is not introduced realistically, the degree of effectiveness of thermal profiles in product insulation, it is usually said that this type of product is more insulating and quite true, but the amount of this increase in insulation in Asa products because the production process It is exactly the same for both systems, not to the extent specified in the profile history. Panjereh Asa company does not know the quality in assigning it to one type of product. Therefore, the difference between thermal and normal systems in Panjereh Asa collection is limited only to the temperature factor, and the amount of this difference is 10% considering the other partial conditions are constant. Be.

You can choose the desired color based on the design of your consultant or facade designer, a set of profiles of window products in all colors can be produced. It is important to remember that if you use the usual colors You will pay less and the invoices announced by the company will be calculated globally in powder white.

After-sales service of Panjereh Asa company includes all projects installed by the executive units of this company and is performed and followed in specific periods. Glass and mesh of each project includes after-sales service and warranty of the manufacturer. Warranty Panjereh Asa Company's products include fittings, profiles and company-specific tires, which will be done in accordance with the agreement and according to the conditions in case of any problems. Direct impact, early installation, use of chemical detergents for cleaning (of course, window profiles do not change against the general chemicals) and also damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

The pre-invoice includes the cost price, including the type of fittings, profiles, glass, transportation, installation, etc. Costs related to iron frames, paint, scaffolding, installation in special places, moving and transferring cargo, etc. It is the responsibility of the customer

Sending accurate dimensions along with photos and maps can be very important for our experts to express the appropriate systems for the facade, doors and windows of the project according to your information, we consider ourselves obliged to graduate and Let's take the first step in advising our audience.

The cost of each project depends on the various components that make up the window, such as profiles, glass, fittings, wages, installation, etc. At the same time, each project depends on its design, such as the number of doors and windows, the number of openings. , The type of openings and هستند are different from each other. It is important to consider double glazed windows or double glazed doors as a technical system. This is why the need for consultation and expertise is needed to make a better decision. Even things like installation conditions or custom requests by the customer are all effective factors in pricing, on the one hand this expectation is right and correct on the part of the customer. Wants to know the price at the first opportunity, so we need to get the overall dimensions and specifications of the project and draw using Logical software from the German company Orgadata and send all the requested reports. And on the other hand, this opportunity for the price of double-glazed doors and windows, this pricing may be done in a consultative way. Read the invoice in a transparent manner, which includes the type of brand and profile specifications, fittings, glass, and pay attention to all the items, and if you have any questions or coordination, contact our representatives or the sales experts of the head office. To receive the invoice , Sketch and technical information, we can be at your service through the following communication channels.


Head office fax number: 03155471355

Also note that Panjereh Asa Company announces the price in full, taking into account the use of its own profiles and the best fittings.

Drawing and pricing according to Logical software is calculated and presented by the German company Orgadata, which includes and includes all the information received by dear customers, and the price is not announced, it is final, along with technical information.

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