Pre-contract service

Part of the services and support programs of Asa Company for the whole project of double glazed windows and modern facades, performing pre-contract services, which includes providing technical advice in the field of material, material and use of doors, windows and aluminum facades, performing accurate static calculations. Facade design, suggesting frame dimensions, providing software pre-invoices, designing shutters, etc.

Pre-contract service can lead to targeted choices for customers. This is the first step towards customer satisfaction, an important step that is done in coordination with the technical offices of the projects and esteemed engineers to prepare documentary documents and preparations for the implementation of the project.

Sales office and technical engineering services offices always have services as a constant task for a better and selected choice in their program, the use of various software and the benefit of up-to-date knowledge makes Asa company by providing Necessary services for each part of its activity before selection can be in better guidance and selection of products and services to accompany and assist its customers.

All services provided in the pre-contract stage are free and all dear compatriots can benefit from these services by visiting the nearest agency, or contacting the head office, virtual networks and online chat on the website.

Dear audience, for any coordination or request in the field of services, you can contact Asa Online Media or our other means of communication.

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