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Asa Company Project Control Unit, in accordance with planning and division of tasks, submission of reports and preparation of production plans, has targeted its ability to increase productivity and provide specialized and technical services for the desired result and complete confidence of its customers in the shortest time. The project control unit manages all the current projects of the company from supply to delivery, plans and controls, monitors and follows the production and supply of products and services for all departments in accordance with time and technical standards. Apart from telephone calls, all esteemed customers can be informed about the technical, production and administrative process of their project through "project follow-up".

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Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
  •   Address: ASA Company - in front of Kashan University - Kashan
  •   Phone: 03155033
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