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Panjereh Asa Company is a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.

From about 17 years ago, when this industrial complex, called Asa Trading, entered the production field, to this day, which has been the result of this cooperation and trust of your esteemed audience, Panjereh Asa Company has taken basic and, of course, important steps to be able to lend. Be the engineer, contractor and builder of all our land Iran.

The company uses the best production equipment and modern machines in the world to produce high quality double glazed aluminum windows and facades, which are a basic need for every building today. Elematec is a familiar and modern brand name for the industry in doors, windows and facades. A German company whose goal is to build the most equipped and superior production machines.

The need to use modern machinery when responding to quality, coupled with state-of-the-art knowledge and technical technicians, is exactly what is seen today in the modern window factory.

Iranian expertise and knowledge for more and better use of production machines to prepare and manufacture the best products in the industry, aluminum windows and modern facades in the country in the form of a comprehensive program of the company has been achieved and is currently underway.

Everything that is done to produce and present the product in Panjereh Asa company is examined and controlled by the software. , Optimized based on proprietary templates.

The use of imported extrusion molds, modern European fittings and the optimal use of planning and production software are the steps that Asa Company is improving every day to achieve quality products according to its customers.

Cooperation and cooperation with the technical and engineering offices of Italian companies to produce the company's proprietary molds, optimize sections and select the right fittings with the highest standards in the world has made this collection succeed in receiving ISO9001 (quality management) certifications. ISO14001 (environment), ISO18001 (occupational health), ISO10002 (accountability), HSE (safety and health) and TUV NORD Germany (facade engineering).

One of the most important features of Panjera that distinguishes this company from all its colleagues is the design and development department, an institution that seeks to improve processes and choose the best ways to provide quality services and products with a correct and technical approach. Is.

Construction of quality double-glazed windows or construction and execution of modern facades, which is associated with Asa today, is the result of the correct interaction of all the features that this successful institution has gone through to date as the top manufacturer of aluminum double-glazed windows. The country should be introduced and appreciated by the Iranian Aluminum Syndicate.

At Panjere Asa Company, we believe that our product is not the window or the facade of your building. We believe that our product is the comfort you are looking for. The group of managers, staff and all the representatives of Panjereh Asa company all over the country, we have all worked together to raise the slogan "Comfort is near" and we have been with you. This support today will be another step in the development of our organization so that we can plan together and for each other based on the mission you have defined for us.

It is a great honor for you to be with us as always and to benefit us from all your comments.

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Asa Company
Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
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