Why Asa?

Use of dedicated sections

The technical knowledge of designing and producing custom sections in Panjereh Asa Company as a capital and science and the difference between this knowledge-based collection and other manufacturers has always been considered by experts. The growth of the industry is in windows, facades and modern facades, the technology of production of special sections in Panjereh Asa company has been achieved through constructive interaction and long-term cooperation of the technical office of this complex with technical and engineering offices of Italian companies. He looked at it as a platform for technological development and used the benefits of this cooperation in national production. The technical and engineering balance of the consumable profiles in the final product and its coordination with the fittings used as a complement to the products in aluminum doors, windows and facades, apart from guaranteeing high quality products, is an important step in the structure of creating customer satisfaction and supply. Has the opinion of the audience.

Quality raw materials

Panjereh Asa Company has always selected and supplied its raw materials and consumables with quality criteria during the inspection and laboratory process. When it considers the production route as its goal, supplying the desired materials is one of the most important steps. It is its realization. All aluminum products of Panjereh Asa Company are supplied and sent to production using 6063AA aluminum billets (Fabic) from the most well-known brands in the market. The use of proprietary and European fittings is one of the fixed programs of the collection. It is desirable to provide products. Proper scientific and practical use of fittings and its specific production for window products and systems is one of the main tasks of the company's supply organization.

World quality templates

Extrusion molds of Panjereh Asa Company, which are imported to Iran to make and produce special profiles of this group of prominent and industrialized countries, molds that are produced with the most accurate tools in the world and the strictest standard criteria. Production of molds Dedicated is a process that guarantees the manufacturer that the technical and executive calculations performed for production can be done and manufactured with high accuracy. The high investment of Panjereh Asa company for designing, ordering and manufacturing extrusion molds is one of the signs of the special attention of this collection to the quality and localization of knowledge. The extruded press machine is ready to be installed on the extruder machine before leaving foreign companies and for production after various stages.

Extruded with the best devices

Production of aluminum profiles of Panjereh Asa Company, because they are specialized and technical sections, have always included the need for production with modern and accurate machines in the macro plan and the company's community. To ensure the correct quality and production of the final product according to the plan Previous designs of aluminum profiles of Panjereh Asaba Company The best extruder machines are produced and after production, heat treatment is performed on it by observing the highest standards. Panjereh Asa Extrude Company performs its sections with automatic automatic press and puller machines. And the quality control experts of the company ensure the quality of production and compliance with the criteria specified in the technical catalog by inspecting before and during production with the use of precise digital and specialized measuring tools.

Quinching operation to increase hardness

In order to increase the stiffness of the final profiles during a heat treatment called quinching, all the profiles are cooled at once in order to increase the quality of the produced profiles against the pressures, Panjere Asa Co. It considers itself obliged to produce the quality of the final product, regardless of the type of design and execution, in such a way that the use of new methods has a higher quality and strength. The technical office of Panjereh Asa Company believes that by implementing the method Scientific and applied companies are obliged to have precise supervision and complete control over the qualitative and quantitative level of production profiles.

Edging operation for uniform profile stiffness

Creating uniform hardness during the profile of the heat treatment operation is done in special furnaces. Proper icing makes the aluminum profiles more resistant to light and heavy shocks, the result of this heat treatment makes the product The final is strong against high and continuous use and has a much better performance against deformation, insulation, sealing and aeration. This heat treatment, which is performed with high accuracy and precise calculations, has a high impact on maintaining the quality of production and the final product. has it.

Variety of European quality colors

Panjereh Asa Company's products can be ordered in different colors and different color systems, anodized, powder and decorative. It can be a more complete choice for architects and designers.

Anodized colors

Anodized color coating is a process of complete coating of aluminum profiles, which is based on chemical and electronic operations. During the process of coating the profile by electrochemical operations, it causes a layer of aluminum oxide with a surface. Mix profiles. The thicker the layer produced in the coating operation, the longer the life of the aluminum profile product and the higher its strength. Aluminum oxide or anodized paint has many benefits such as hardness, durability and resistance to environmental damage, very high resistance in unstable acidic and alkaline environments, no change of color in sunlight, resistant to oxidation and corrosion of metal. Suitable for anodized paints and its colored cover creates a very high mechanical resistance on the surface for the final profile, Panjereh Asa Company proudly announces that the anodizing operation of this set is done with European raw materials and in the best conditions. Colored coatings are recommended for buildings that are in special geographical conditions and in strong sunlight.

Powder method

Powder paint is another method of coating paint for aluminum profiles. In this method, the entire outer surface of the profile is coated with cohesive particles consisting of fine and dry particles of resin plus pigments. At this stage, resin powder with materials The electrostatically charged additive is sprayed onto the profile with a special machine (gun) and when all the resin particles are completely sprayed on the piece and the particles stick to the aluminum surface, all the profiles are placed in special high-grade industrial furnaces. The paints are baked on aluminum, then the molten resin is fused to the metal surface to create a smooth, thick and durable surface. The result is a beautiful and shiny surface with excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches and scaling and three times more resistant than solvent base paints. The baking time and temperature of powder paints are also different and according to the standard announced by the manufacturer in Different operating temperatures are performed, and in general, light colors at low temperatures with high time (to prevent yellowing) and dark colors at high temperatures and low times remain in special furnaces. This section uses imported paints and fully mechanized methods and European machines.

Decorative colors

In this color coating system, the variety of designs is the main factor of customers' choice, in this method, the profile surface is covered with films of the desired color design and after entering the furnace, it stabilizes it on the profile. Most orders and use This type of coating is for wood design colors, the use of Italian and German raw materials and Italian machinery in this section, apart from the high variety of designs, creates more added value to the finished product. The use of this type of colored coating, apart from ensuring a more durable variety of the product, is also possible. Can take effective steps to protect the environment and cut down trees indiscriminately.

Project Management

Project management is a set of actions that Panjereh Asa company takes by allocating, tracking and using resources to achieve the goals of satisfaction and providing comfort to its customers. Project management in Panjereh Asa is an organization that uses knowledge, skills and techniques Which is achieved by using up-to-date tools and software with the benefit of codified processes in the collection. The project management unit by planning and implementing the necessary actions in all stages of research, supply, production, installation and after-sales service It tries to provide healthy and quality products to customers by maintaining a suitable time, this unit has a very important role in planning and targeting other units in the organization by preparing and sending various reports.

Regular tests

The quality standard for Asa is a benchmark in the laboratory, we use a variety of devices and tools, raw materials of production processes as well as the final product. Serious attention to the observance of criteria and standards in the supply and production is one of the organizational duties and values ​​of the window complex, some of these tests are performed in the laboratory and some by modern measuring instruments during production to during sales and after-sales service. Selling double glazed windows and double glazed aluminum doors, we can be sure of the correct operation of the product.

Perform installation and provide specialized product services

The desired double-glazed window product will have the desired efficiency and effectiveness when it is accompanied by correct installation operations. There are many different examples of quality products that, because they are not installed according to correct and standard principles and processes, the final quality The product has not been able to satisfy the employers, special attention to the installation process and its performance by an experienced and specialized team is a prominent feature of any production set. The cost of installation services for employers is the best investment in terms of quality, one One of the features of Panjereh Asa company is generally in the highest rank of customer satisfaction, the product installation stage is completed. Panjereh Asa Company has planned its set of installation services in three stages: pre-installation services, installation services and additional services Is . Separate unit installation and support services with centralized management as a technical-service group is responsible for installation and after-sales services of Panjereh Asa Company. It should be noted that any pre-contract technical consulting services are provided free of charge. If the installation of all products in this collection is approved by the technical unit, it has after-sales service. Asa warranty and after-sales service will be free for five years.

Accepting contractual agreements

Another special service of Asa Company is accepting the contract of contract service, which means that all the steps related to the project will be done by this group within a specific acceptance agreement. This group contracts with national conditions for national projects and structures related to health care.

Use of specialized software

Special software has been created in all units of Panjereh Asa company, information technology and supply infrastructures. Logical software produced by ORGADATA company, which is one of the best software in the door, window and facade industry, for processing information related to raw materials, warehouses and performing the most complex calculations, inertia and wind pressure and its effect on building facades, as well as full coordination and integration with The robotic machines of the production line are at the disposal of the experts of Panjereh Asa Company so that they can control and manage all the steps. Asa Company has used the most powerful CRM and archiving software in order to provide better services to its customers and to create more added value for them. Which has a significant role in the speed of service and customer satisfaction. Production helps.

Provide the best fittings

Panjereh Asa Company has succeeded in providing a collection of the best fittings by specially designing its own sections and cooperating with the top brands in the world of doors, windows and aluminum facades, according to the cooperation of the Iranian Technical Office and the consultations of the company's commercial unit. , Asa Group is proud to launch some of its products, which are among the proprietary fittings of this company and are provided for this group. Panjereh Asa Company has the exclusive representation of several prominent brands to better supply and complete its specialized systems. Due to the development of knowledge and the benefit of interactions with the technical offices of European companies, this group is proud to design and produce special fittings for some of its widely used systems, which with this tool while maintaining quality without reducing all costs Has also provided an important advantage of availability at the time of production, Panjereh Asa believes that national production is a step in the development and construction and employment is the inherent duty of the Iranian producer.

Use of EPDM rubber

For better performance and more complete insulation, Asa company uses special EPDM tires in its products. EPDM tires have excellent resistance against temperature, oxidation and aging against environmental conditions due to their saturated and non-bonded structure. Tires are highly resistant to abrasion and polar solvents such as water, acid, alkali, phosphate esters, ketones and alcohols. It is important. The supply of EPDM tires for Panjereh Asa's systems is made and produced in a completely special way.

Use of industrial glass and a variety of colors

To insulate and maintain the quality of the finished product, windows need to use the best glass. All glass used in projects has a standard mark and is provided by the most reputable industrial companies. Door glass, various types of unbreakable glass, laminated glass, double glazing, anti-earthquake glass, anti-theft, anti-bullet, anti-explosion glass, advanced glass to control and reduce energy consumption, colored and decorative glass according to customer request in the project Takes.

Special thermal break profiles

Another feature of Asa products is the possibility of using special thermal break profiles. Thermal break profiles are made of two profiles and a polyamide blade (non-conducting). This polyamide blade prevents direct energy transfer and temperature exchange. The result of using thermal break profiles is to prevent the transfer of cold and heat from the outer wall to the inner wall and vice versa. Polyamide material has its mechanical properties at high temperature and direct radiation. The sun protects, strength and longevity are other advantages of polyamide blades. In the special thermal break profiles of Panjereh Asa company, the use of superior Italian technology is a reason to benefit more and better from this type of profile.

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