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Growth and development in any industry requires up-to-date knowledge and, of course, creativity and innovation based on market needs and customer demand. Asa's research and development unit strives to prepare and supply its products in terms of design and compliance with international standards and updating various sets of the organization. Following and ensuring that the product is designed, manufactured and the final product installed is in line with the real expectations of consumers is a mission that is one of the tasks of the research and development unit.

Also, upgrading and increasing the products and sections used in line with up-to-date knowledge and benefiting from the necessary technical knowledge for each of the different parts of the organization will be organized in the form of research and development unit of Asa company. Customer needs, development of domestic markets and efforts to be among the top brands with the main goal of customer satisfaction are defined as part of the sustainable and ongoing programs of this unit. The board of directors of Asa Company believes that the planning and technical and executive efforts of all units are the future maker and developer of the organization, and this move requires effort, knowledge and perseverance, and most importantly, a regular and codified plan. All researches and future and future developments of the company in line with a long-term plan and with the aim of creating the best and most professional brand of aluminum doors, windows and facades in line with the engineering organizational vision and leading in designing, manufacturing and implementing various door, window and facade systems. Aluminum with the highest quality is planned and executed in Iran. This choice and performance will not make sense except in the future of the organization's vision and current efforts. Therefore, the performance of each unit of the organization in this regard is introduced and developed.

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Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
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