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The modern factory of Asa Company, which combines the expertise of trained personnel, experienced technical technicians and management team with experience and having the production line of fully automatic German automatic machines, which is one of the best specialized companies for manufacturing door and window production machines. And it's a modern look at the world, it has set its plan to produce quality products. Products with correct controls and regular methods are produced and quality control according to tables and standards before leaving the production set. Asa Company, based on observing the correct production methods and applying production standards, has been able to receive the title of the top national producer within two years.

Asa Complex factory is active with a production capacity of 1200 tons per year in an area of ​​about 65,000 square meters, including production hall, raw material warehouse, fittings warehouse, installation warehouse, parts warehouse, product warehouse (roof) and office building. The raw material warehouse of the collection includes special profiles with Asa brand and European profiles in different sections, and the warehouse of fittings is a complete set of fittings approved by the technical and engineering office of the company and includes the top brands of the world along with European standards for assembly. Completion of systems is productive and also the finished product is stored in two covered warehouses according to standard conditions. Asa company, in line with the goals and in order to achieve customer satisfaction as the main capital of any organization, with the care and expertise of its experts, spends all its efforts to produce a quality finished product as a trust of its customers and consumers.

Procurement of quality raw materials with international standards is the first step of production, this set provides all consumable profiles from 6063 alloy and AA standard and the profiles are produced using modern machines. The design with precise dimensions and desired systems is calculated and performed with Logical software and the information extracted from the software is generated by Elumatec machines. Production of at least 150 doors and windows per shift under the supervision of a quality assurance unit suitable for contractors and customers to deliver products according to agreed schedule.

The fittings used in different systems are all from the top European and American brands or from the exclusive fittings of this collection. It is very important and necessary to use quality and standard fittings to complete a desirable product. Production management units, production planning, administrative, financial, warehouse management are the main parts of Asa Company factory located in the place of production. Based on its mission and duty to maintain and improve quality and control customer satisfaction, the company has implemented and established a quality management system and quality assurance based on the standards of ISO 14001: 2004 - ISO 10002: 2014 - ISO 9001: 2008. Production is the key to success in providing desirable services and special privileges for ASA company, national production is an important task and social mission in ASA organizational culture and all ASA employees consider themselves as Iranian producers with national honors.

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Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
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