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The study of commercial markets is not complete without knowing the types of customers in these markets, their characteristics and behavior.
Because these customers have completely different behaviors and approaches due to their special characteristics. Business customers are classified into three main groups:
A) Commercial establishments
B) Government agencies
C) Public institutions

Foreign trade and its relationship with economic growth is also a very controversial issue. In recent years, various mechanisms of the impact of foreign trade on economic growth have been considered, one of which is the impact of trade on growth through GDP and its growth in trading partner countries.

Optimal quality of products and professional automation of Asa company has caused a wide range of customers to request the products of this company. In a way that at present this demand has exceeded the geographical borders of Iran and in neighboring countries, many customers are consumers of Asa products. Executive examples in Iraq and Afghanistan are prominent examples that have brought foreign exchange products to the country.

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Asa Company, a group that, based on effort and planning, takes a step towards getting closer to customer satisfaction every day, the satisfaction that comes from the desired products and services.
  •   Address: ASA Company - in front of Kashan University - Kashan
  •   Phone: 03155033
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